The sun crept to the back of the shop the other day and reminded me to look up. I’m not sure what I’ve been chasing the last few months, but it’s definitely been good. Chasing the kids up on the mountain and the blessed powder days. The trails are opening up every day and I’ve found myself grinding up the hill more and more, running trails in the rain.

All kinds of little things to work on and the winter slowdown never came for me this year. I suppose that’s a good thing.  A couple sets of stairs I’ve been working on.


The shop starts to warm  up every spring and the baseboard heat gets replaced with an open front door.

Took some time to polish the saw and build a desk. Tune the planes, sharpen the irons and chisels. Rearrange the lumber rack and clean the finishing guns. Sweep up the spray room. The little library cabinets that are getting ready to go out and leave the shop with room for something to come in.



Ready to go. Look up. Love the spring.