The apple crates were something I’ve been working on for a while – scrapped a few times – ending up something like this, as trade to my friend Craig (thanks again!) who listened and sorted through my ramblings and designed the handplane logo for me.


I usually wait to deliver things before I post them here, but have alluded to this a couple time in my posts – they’ve been in my head and sketchbook for a long time and have taken several different forms.

A pair of entryway walnut stools with webbed stretchers. I imagine for holding wet gloves and hats, and a place to sit when you’re tying boots. I like flat tops on these little stools. They’re not meant to be sat on for a long time, and make great little side tables in a pinch, so dishing the seats doesn’t quite make sense to me. I’ve rounded down the tops to make them more comfortable though.

Applecrate x 2

Applecrate x 2

All cut from the same piece of walnut – here’s a few shots of the assembly.

Got out for a a couple of fall trail runs which is always the best. Building boxes, have some other projects to take care of. Back to the grind after this, but I’ve got a dining room table to look forward to. Maybe next week…