To be laid up during ski season is a bit of a slap in the face, but oh well – a broken foot just means there’s a lot of other things that probably need to get done too. Lets start with this blog.

Boards have been something that I’ve invested a lot of time in recently. It was never really anything I had thought people would be interested in – or somthing I thought I’d do a lot of. “Just use your scraps” is what most people tell me, and I do. I’ve been stoked to use up the bits of walnut, cherry, mahogany and purpleheart that I’ve been hoarding in old lacquer pails behind the drill-press, laminating scraps in my spare time and infill them with larger pieces of maple or cherry. I call them “Offcuts”.

Home cyc


I set up my home cyc on the router table and had me a little photo shoot before shipping them off for the holidays. A good friend and cooking guru told me “You need a juice groove”. I added a juice groove.

This next board I made “special” from a piece of 8/4 walnut that I’ve been saving for my AppleCrate, but, when I was told “make it special” I knew this was the piece. It became an end grain butcher block roughly  18″x24″x just under 2″ thick. I call it “Après”, like what comes after a day on the mountain – food and drink and fire and friends, a little bit classy, warm and fun.


It was super fun to assemble, here’s a bit of the process here:

That’s how I spent some of my time up to the new year, just finished installing a door and have one more that I’m assembling the jamb for as we speak.  2015 is going to be a creative one. I’m looking forward to it. Get lots of rest and hope to see you on the hill soon.

AppleCrate coming. I swear…