That little gap that hangs between projects is a strange place to be. The eye. Everything is quiet. All I can think to do is make lists and clean up all the little things that have been hanging out there – more than a few things – before it all hits the fan. I’m appreciating people who live life on the road, truck drivers, rock n rollers, salesmen. I’m happy right now that I get to travel lately and happy that Canada is an amazing place. The drive through the Crowsnest Pass and up 22 is unbelievable, and some of the best country we have to offer. I’ve been hitting The Stop Coffeehouse when I’m through Black Diamond, AB – sweet.

I’ve been up at the shop milling the last few pieces of trim, reviewing our budget and pinning down deficiencies for the big one wrapping up in Edmonton. The d-list came back from my friends with replace broken light in the stairwell, drink a celebratory beer and bike ride penciled in at the bottom. Installed the vanity top this week.


Tomorrow I’ll finish new clamping cauls for the shop and head back home for office time – Autocad is the order of the rest of week and I’m stoked to sit down and design again. There are a few projects that have been sitting with me. I pick away and study in my spare time while I try to complete everything else. I’m enjoying concrete lately. Will need to find time to pour a driveway, not exactly shop time but I’m grateful for the experience.

One more timber table. Looking forward to a real cyc cloth instead of the improvised backdrop. Like everything, Patience.


Thinking about the house… there’s a few things I’d like to get done this summer. Holidays are coming up and the kids bikes need to be running slick. A week on the coast. Maybe I’ll finally get to try surfing – then back home to build doors. Lots of doors. Can’t wait…

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