Watch things change around here – amazing. Warfield is warm and when the sun appears the colors are on fire. I’m constantly looking up the hill for weather. Rain or sun or snow or all.

Spring break for the kids and I’m enjoying their company this week. They love the shop and we’ve spent hours there, working on crafts and projects for around the house. Wooden dolls and race car tracks. Use as much glue as you can get from the bottle. Get things ready for the garden. There’s a new composter for the kids and cedar trays for transporting our bedding plants. Need more lumber. The off-cut bins have been emptied, the fire box at the house is full.

Good things in the shop. I jointed and joined the two lengths of walnut and the book-match revealed itself, bringing the pieces flush the two boards melted together, once again whole. The piece itself is very clean, the grain is quiet, creamy and incredibly smooth. The walnut smells sweet and everything in the shop is stained a rich, deep brown. I’ve stabilized some checking with butterfly keys in walnut. I’ll bring my stones up on Monday to sharpen my plane irons in preparation for the final flattening, scraping then finish. The end is near.

Next week there’s more lumber coming in and I’ll begin four doors and another table. Monday I drive to Meadow Creek for a trailer load of teak and fir.
The bike will be out. Looking forward. Looking ahead.