How come there’s always somebody who doesn’t want to conform?

Got straight to it the moment I got back. With lots of coffee and the precision(?) of a surgeon I chalked these slabs and rough cut to length. I took a few shots of my router carriage sitting on my torsion box. A fat 1″ diameter bit yielded a ridged but surprisingly flat face on each piece, and were easily hand planed with my trusty vintage Record jack. Flip and repeat and the pieces were beautifully thicknessed. Is that a word? I jointed each edge – will glue them up tomorrow (forgot my glue – duh).

Hmmm. Looking at the picture, need to clean up the plywood off-cut bin.

Here’s a few pieces of maple I found while digging through my parents’ firewood pile. I cut this maple down in my back yard, maybe 15 years ago now, and ditched the stumps in their wood bin. The tree had worked its’ way into my houses old clay sanitary line and would wreak havoc (read: poop in the basement) a couple times each year. Had to go. Not sure what I’ll get out of these, but hoping to find something interesting inside, maybe have enough for a few box tops. When time permits.

More big wood arriving next week. And a trip to the mechanic. Stupid truck. Dusted of the bike, new season is upon us… Planning some changes around here. Stay tuned.